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Crucial American X rated features…

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Here’s a list a spent a few hours compiling. If anyone has a title they think should be added, please do let me know:


3 A.M. (Gary Graver, 1975) – The most Bergman-esque X rated film ever made; all about loneliness and guilt caused by isolation.


A Climax of Blue Power (Lee Frost, 1975) – A quick paced and nasty roughie about a police impersonator.
A Coming of Angels (Joel Scott, 1977) – A strangely depressing film about a lonely white slave organization.
A Dirty Western (Joseph F. Robertson, 1975) – As the title implies; high camp mixed with some rape and a gory shootout.
A Touch of Genie (Joe Sarno, 1974) – Joe Sarno doing his best Woody Allen impression.
A Woman’s Torment (Roberta Findlay, 1977) – Brutal horror film about a psychotic female killer.
Act of Confession (Anthony Spinelli, 1972) – More “important” than “good,” a strange look at the sexuality of a nun.
Alice in Wonderland (Bod Townsend, 1976) – Delightful musical adaptation of the classic book.
Amanda by Night (Gary Graver, 1981) – Hard boiled thriller about a prostitute being stalked by a wealthy psycho.
American Pie (Jeffery Fairbanks, 1980) – Cute and silly nostalgic film, set in the 50’s, about kidnapping.
Angel Above, the Devil Below (unknown, 1974) – Screwball masterpiece about Satan possessing a vagina.
[Anna] Obsessed (unknown, 1977) – Violent drama/thriller about the trauma of rape.
Autobiography of a Flea (Sharon McKnight/Jon Fontana, 1976) – Excellent period piece comedy based on the French novel.


Baby Rosemary (John Hayes, 1976) – Surreal and very depressing drama about the death of a woman’s father.
Babyface (Alex DeRenzy, 1977) – Nasty black comedy, satirizing pedophilia and women’s lib.
Bacchanale (Amero Brothers, 1970) – Beautiful avant-garde “trance film” with horror overtones.
Beach Blanket Bango (James Bryan , 1975) – A pitch perfect satire/musical about 60’s Americana.
Beauty (Shaun Costello, 1980) – A dream like adaptation of Beauty & the Beast.
Between Lovers (Ron Sullivan, 1983) – Heart felt melodrama about a woman in love with two men.
The Bite (Jerry Denby, 1975) – Period piece satire of The Sting.
Blonde Ambition (Amero Bros., 1980) – The Amero Bros. take on an MGM musical.
Bordello – House of the Rising Sun (Chuck Vincent, 1984) – Uncharacteristically downbeat comedy from Chuck Vincent.
Both Ways (Jerry Douglas, 1974) – Extremely well written story of a married man who experiments with homosexuality.
Bride’s Initiation (Unknown, 1973) – Classic “B film” combo of silly horror and sillier comedy.


Café Flesh (Stephen Sayadian, 1982) – Terrifying postapocalyptic masterpiece
Candy Goes to Hollywood (Bob Chinn, 1979) – Delightful sequel to the 1978 film, follows Candy through a well put together series of vignettes.
Captain Lust & the Pirate Women (Beau Buchanan, 1977) – Excellent X rated swashbuckler.
Censorship in Denmark (Alex DeRenzy, 1969) – Crucial doc. on Danish sex fair.
Champagne for Breakfast (Chris Warfield, 1980) – Weird wanna-be comedy which ends up being more misogynist than funny.
Changes (Gerard Damiano, 1970) – Unsurpassed doc on early XXX movies/books.
Charli (Stu Segal, 1981) – Very well made love story.
China Girl (Edwin Brown, 1974) – Silly take on a Bond film.
Co-Ed Fever (Gary Graver, 1980) – Excellent screwball comedy set in a private school.
Confessions of a Teenage Peanut Butter Freak (Zachary Youngblood, 1973) – Bizarre underground comedy with an incredible surreal ending.
Corruption (Roger Watkins, 1983) – Arthouse XXX.
Cozy Cool (Lowell Picket, 1971) – Grity early XXX noir.
Cry For Cindy (Anthony Spinelli, 1976) – Well written and beautifully photographed hooker drama.


Dancers (Anthony Spinelli, 1981) – Brilliant screenplay and unsurpassed acting.
Dark Angel (Peter Vanderbilt, 1983) – Artsy “head film.”
Dark Drams (unknown, 1970) – Early “trance film”

Debauchers (Sidney Knight, 1971) – First hardcore film to deal with “snuff” films.

Defiance of Good (Armand Weston, 1974) – Unsettling psychodrama involving the mentally ill and a cult.
Devil’s Ecstasy (Brandon Carter, 1974) – Fun “B film” horror story.
Desires Within Young Girls (Richard Kanter, 1977) – “High class” screwball comedy.
Devil in Miss Jones (Gerard Damiano, 1973) – Existential masterpiece.
Devil in Miss Jones 2 (Ron Sullivan, 1982) – Beautifully photographed comedic sequel.
Devil in Miss Jones ¾ (Greg Dark, 1986) – Outstanding punk/New Wave re-envisioning of Damiano’s classic. Tackles racism and misogyny.
Disco Dolls in Hot Skin (Stephen Gibson, 1978) – Silly 3-D classic.
Divine Atrocities (Kim Christy, 1983) – Extremely artistic loop carrier.
Double Exposure of Holly (Bob Gill, 1976) – Well written mafia noir.
Dracula Exotica (Shaun Costello, 1980) – Brilliant adaptation of Dracula.
Driller (Joyce James, 1984) – Sarcastic spoof of Thriller.

Dynamite (Amro Bros., 1972) – Very strange screwball comedy.


Easy Alice (unknown, 1975) – Depressing examination of porn life.
Ecstasy Girls (Gary Graver, 1979) – Excellent inheritance based screwball comedy.
Erotic Adventures of Candy (Bob Chinn, 1978) – Clever take on Candide.
Eruption (Stanley Kurlan, 1976) – Excellent remake of Double Indemnity.
Every Inch a Lady (Amero Bros., 1975) – Very silly hooker comedy.
Expose Me Lovely (Armand Weston, 1976) – Greatest X rated mystery film ever made.


“F” (Svetlana, 1980) – Delightful fantasy romp.
Farewell Scarlet (Chuck Vincent, 1975) – Clever spoof of detective films.
Fascination (Larry Revene, 1980) – Silly satire of “how-to” books.
Femmes DeSade (Alex DeRenzy, 1975)  – Brutal and violent rape and revenge film.
Filthy Rich (Michael Zen, 1981) – Entertaining comedy about servants.
Firestorm (Howard Winters, 1983) – Epic about rich family.
Fireworks Woman (Peter Locke & Wes Crave, 1974) – Surreal art film with horror and religious tones.
Fongoluli (Ed Seaman, 1973) – “Gatting in touch with nature” style hippy comedy.

For Services Rendered (Tim McDonald, 1984) – Hilarious Bond spoof.
Forced Entry (Shaun Costello, 1971) – Violent Vietnam slasher.


Girls on Fire (Jack Remy, 1984) – Fun blackmail comedy.


Hard Gore (unknown, 1975) – Campy horror known for its ridiculously gory content.

Hard Soap, Hard Soap (Bob Chinn, 1977) – Excellent TV spoof.
Her Name Was Lisa (Roger Watkins, 1978) – Depressing story of drug addiction.
High Rise (Danny Steinman, 1972) – Pop-Art masterpiece.
High School Fantasies (James Bryan, 1974) – Excellent take on America in the 50’s.


Illusions of a Lady (Jonas Middleton, 1973) – Bizarre head film about a shrink.
The Image (Radley Metzger, 1973) – Excellent adaptation of the French novel.
In Love (Chuck Vincent, 1983) – Best X rated romance drama.
It Happened in Hollywood (Peter Locke, 1973) – Excellent X rated “magazine film.”
It’s Called Murder, Baby (Anthony Spinelli, 1982) – Well written period piece noir.


Jack ‘N Jill (Chuck Vincent, 1979) – Witty romantic comedy.
Jade Pussycat (Bob Chinn, 1977) – Best Johnny Wadd film.
Joy (Chuck Vincent, 1977) – A successful comedy about rape.


Last Bath (Karl Krogsted, 1973) – Strange and beautiful avant garde film.
Little Orphan Sammy (Ron Wertheim, 1976) – Silly look at capitalism and Russian spies.
Love Garden (Mike Haggard, 1971) – Authentic love drama.
Love You (John Derek, 1979) – Plotless but pretty film.
Love, Lust and Violence (Norbert Meisel, 1975) – Excellent mafia themed exploitation flick that happens to be hardcore.

Lust on the Orient Express (Tim McDonald, 1985) – Silly take on its namesake.


Madam Zenobia (Ed Seeman, 1973) – Trippy psychedelic sex film involving voodoo.

Marriage & Other 4 Letter Words (Richard Robinson, 1974) – The best comedy about swingers.
Memories Within Miss Aggie (Gerard Damiano, 1974) – Haunting psychodrama about depression, loneliness, and religeous obsessions.
Misbehavin’ (Chuck Vincent, 1978) – The best X rated screwball comedy.
Morning After (Sidney Knight, 1970) – Low budget B movie mystery about a murder.
Mystique (Roberta Findlay, 1979) – Study of terminal illness.


Naked Afternoon (Alan Colberg, 1976) – Silly plot but outstanding visuals.
Naked Came the Stranger (Radley Metzger, 1975) – Excellent adaptation of the novel.
Naughty Victorians (Robert Kinger, 1975) – Victorians playing with S & M gear.
Never So Deep (Gerard Damiano, 1981) – Cute love story/comedy.
Night Caller (Anthony Spinelli, 1975) – Excellent psychodrama about a stalker.
Night Hunger (Gerard Damiano, 1983) – A Damiano art film about a strange family.
Night Pleasures (Hans Christian, 1975) – Moody pseudo-noir/melodrama set around a sleazy bar.

Nothing to Hide (Anthony Spinelli, 1981) – Excellent take on Of Mice & Men.


Opening of Misty Beethoven (Radley Metzger, 1975) – Brilliant version of Pygmalion.
Overnight Sensations (unknown, 1976) – Interesting artsy take on breaking the 4th wall.


Pandora’s Mirror (Shaun Costello, 1981) – Best Shaun Costello vignette film about a possessed mirror.
Passions of Carroll (Shaun Costello, 1975) – Excellent version of A Christmas Carrol.
Pretty Peaches (Alex DeRenzy, 1978) – Screwball take on memory loss; cutest enema ever.
Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann (Radley Metzger, 1974) – Fantasies of a married couple.
Psychiatrist (Ted Roter, 1978) – Excellent horror film about a cult in a hospital.
Purely Physical (Chris Warfield, 1982) – Tale of an evening at a motel.


Randy, the Electric Lady (unknown, 1980) – Sci-fi comedy about the ultimate orgasm.
Raw Talent (Larry Revene, 1984) – Best X rated take on the porn world.
Red, White, & Blue (Ferd & Beverly Sebastian, 1970) – History of XXX in L.A.
Resurrection of Eve (Jon Fontanna & Artie Mitchell, 1973) – Outstanding film about women’s lib.
Rollerbabies (Carter Stevens, 1976) – Future of sex.
Roommates (Chuck Vincent, 1981) – Best X rated drama ever made.


Sadie (Bob Chinn, 1980) – Best of Bob Chinn’s “tropical” films.
Scoundrels (Cecil Howard, 1981) – Cryptic head film about a family.
Score (Radley Metzger, 1972) – Excellent comedy about bisexual swinging.
Seduction of Lyn Carter (Anthony Spinelli, 1975) – Dark tale of mental breakdowns.
Sex in the Comics (unknown, 1973) – Live action TJ Bibles.
Sex World (Anthony Spinelli, 1977) – Depressing look at sexually dysfunctional people.
Skin-Flicks (Gerard Damiano, 1978) – Autobiographical story of Damiano making a film.
Smoker (Veronika Rocket, 1983) – New wave thriller.
Snake Eyes (Cecil Howard, 1984) – Artsy romance drama.
S.O.S. (Jim Buckley, 1975) – Excellent film about Screw.
Society Affairs (Gary Graver, 1982) – Clever comedic heit film.
Sodom & Gomorrah (Mitchell Bros., 1975) – Excellent take on the bible story.
Sometimes Sweet Susan (Fred Donaldson, 1975) – Sad story of mental illness.
Spitfire (Cecil Howard, 1984) – Political comedy.
Squalor Motel (Kim Christy, 1986) – Arthouse new wave film.
Star Angel (Cecil Howard, 1986) – “Ghost” of a singer haunting her lover.
Star Virgin (Howard Zeihm, 1979) – Silly history of sex vignettes.
Story of Joanna (Gerard Damiano, 1975) – Artsy story of degeredation.
Sweet Savage (Anne Perry, 1978) – Excellent X rated western.


Take Off (Armand Weston, 1978) – Beautiful version of Dorian Grey.
Taking of Christina (Armand Weston, 1975) – Terrifying kidnapping film.
Talk Dirty to Me Part 2 (Tim McDonald, 1982) – Comedy about a TV host.
Teenage Cruisers (Johnny Legend, 1977) – Cool “cruisers” comedy with great score.
Teenage Sex Kitten (Anne Perry, 1972) – Angry film about runaways.
Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here (Bob Chinn, 1975) – Well written Johnny Wadd film.
Through the Looking Glass (Jonas Middleton, 1976) – Best X rated horror film; maybe best ever.
Tiffany Minx (Roberta Findlay, 1981) – Clever mystery film with violence.
Tongue (unknown, 1975) – Racism drama with surrealism.
Tropic of Desire (Bob Chinn, 1979) – Sad film from Chinn’s “tropical” period.


Ultra Flesh (Svetlana, 1980) – Campy futuristic alien sex film.


V- The Hot One (Gary Graver, 1977) – Sad take on Belle Du Jour.
Visions (Chuck Vincent, 1976) – Dialogue free fantasy masterpiece.
Visions of Clair (Zachary Youngblood, 1977) – Trippy head film.
Voyeur (Chuck Vincent, 1985) – Angry look at VHS.


Wanda Whips Wall Street (Larry Revene, 1981) – Clever satire of the business world.
Water-Power (Shaun Costello, 1976) – Nasty black comedy about an enema rapist.
Wet Rainbow (Duddy Kane, 1973) – Realistic story of a married couple.
Whatever Happened to Miss September? (Jerry Denby, 1973) – Cute love story.
Wild Dallas Honey (Jeffery Fairbanks, 1982) – Melodrama about a rural couple; excellent photography.

A Deep Compassion (Pat Rocco, 1972) – Violent story involving a convict.
A Ghost of a Chance (Gorton Hall, 1973) – Excellent comedy based on Blyth Spirit.
A Night at the Adonis (Jack Deveau, 1978) – A fascinating look at cruising culture.
American Cream (Chuck Vincent, 1972) – Satirical take on American culture.

Crooked Arrangement (Ray Proca, 1973) – Clever blackmail drama.

Destroying Angel (Peter DeRome, 1976) – Artsy masterpiece involving religion and damnation.
Do Me Evil (Toby Ross, 1975) Sad story of absusive brothers.
Drive (Jack Deveau, 1974) – Brilliant homage to 50’s sci-fi.
Dust Unto Dust (Tom DeSimone, 1971) – Love story about American Indians.

El Paso Wrecking Corp. (Joe Gage, 1977) – 2nd in the “working man’s” saga.
The Experiment (Gorton Hall, 1973) – Best coming out film ever made.

Falconhead (Michael Zen, 1975) – Brilliant art film about narcissism and mystical objects.

Greek Lighting (Warren Stephens, 1973) – Silly comedy about Bond.

Kansas City Trucking Company (Joe Gage, 1976) – 1st and best “working man” film.

L.A. Plays Itself (Fred Halsted, 1972) – Structuralist masterpiece.
LA Tool & Die (Joe Gage, 1979) – Saddest and final “working man” film.
Left-Handed (Jack Deveau, 1972) – Story about a guy questioning his sexuality.
The Light From the Second Story Window (David Allen & Pat Rocco, 1973) – Excellent adaptation of the novel.

The Night Before (Arch Brown, 1972) – Weird arty film about free love.
Night of the Occultist (unknown, 1972) – Gay horror film; very artsy.
Nights in Black Leather (Peter Berlin, 1973) – Wandering adventures of a narcissist.

Other Side of Joey (Gorton Hall & Ray Proca, 1972) – Well written love story.

Passing Strangers (Arthur Bressan Jr., 1974) – “Silent” artsy love story; half black and white.

The Rivermen (Monroe Beehler, 1973) – Excellent murder mystery.

Subway (Ian McGraw, 1981) – Doc. like examination of subway cruising.

That Boy (Peter Berlin, 1975) – Avant garde masterpiece.

Zoomerang (Gorton Hall, 1974) – Well written love triangle.